Current Recruitment Market Trends

Jun 15, 2022

At MDH, we cover the whole of the Scotland and specialise in providing temporary and permanent recruitment solutions within the Warehousing, Production, Manufacturing, and Engineering sectors. In our website blogs we want to keep you up to speed with developments within our sectors and recruitment in general – and we start by looking at the recruitment market, remote recruitment, and retention.

Candidate-led market                                                                       

We make it our business to notice and flag-up trends within our sector and also within the world of recruitment, and at present the job market is extremely candidate led. That is good news for candidates, but for clients it means that their companies have to ensure that staff don’t look to leave. It also means that if they are also looking for new staff, they must move fast and make decisions quickly if they are not to lose out on the talent that is available out there. If you interview someone and like them, offer them the job there and then. No three or four stage process. Do not miss out.

Luckily for clients and candidates alike, MDH are massively into collaboration and communication, so changes in recruitment and the job market are never a surprise. By working in partnership and with efficient processes in place, we are able to provide the support that clients and candidates need, want, and deserve. It’s also vitally important that we know our sectors inside-out, which means that we fully understand exactly what clients are looking for in potential new employees.

We see ourselves as a client’s specialist external recruitment partners and source them the very best candidates.

Remote recruitment                                                                                                             

The past two years has seen life looking very, very different. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so many individuals and families have suffered immeasurably. It’s been a tragic period for so many people, and the pandemic has also had a huge effect on the world of business and work, too. How we work, where we work, the times we work, the days we work, finding work, losing work, seeking work…….…..all this and more has changed, possibly permanently, and certainly for the immediate future.

In the world of business, the effects of the pandemic has meant that everybody has needed to be flexible and wiling to change, and that is certainly true in the world of recruitment. At MDH, we are always on the front-foot when it comes to looking at what we do and how we do it. A part of that has been the ability and willingness to work remotely.

Our flexible, proactive approach has ensured that clients and candidates are always put first, and by working remotely we are able to offer an even better service as we spend more time doing the things that matter and less things on the things that don’t. We are always here for you, and always will be, and the level of customer service that you get will never be compromised.

Candidate retention 

Candidate retention is a company or organisation’s ability to keep its employees under contract. It’s always important but as we have said above, it’s a candidate-led market at present and so it’s more important than ever to have a happy, positive workforce. Amongst other benefits, employee retention can also produce a productive workforce with increased performance, enhance the reputation of a company, and see fewer work-related disruptions.

By placing the right candidate in the right role with the right company we do the hard yards in trying to ensure that candidates are perfectly matched with a company. It’s important that they not only have the skills for the job, but that they fit into the company as seamlessly as possible, too. We have always based our success on forging long-term relationships with candidates and clients, and to do that we have an ethos on not being a job-filler, but a recruitment partner and consultant.

If your business is facing recruitment challenges or if you are looking for a new role, then contact Gordon at MDH for a chat.


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