The Art of the Switch: Why Changing Jobs Regularly Isn’t Always The Employment ‘Red Flag’ That It’s Made Out To Be

Mar 22, 2024

There’s a general misconception that changing jobs regularly can look bad on a CV, but the truth is that this isn’t always the case. In fact, looking for the right role for your specific skills – rather than settling for something that doesn’t work for you or your employer – can reflect that you’re a highly motivated worker. Let’s take a look at why switching up regularly can help you on the road to success.

If you take a quick scan at employment sites like LinkedIn, you’ll sometimes find people discussing their hiring red flags. Chief among them are employers who criticise getting sent CVs from workers who frequently change jobs.

But while, in theory, employers often make these blanket statements about how they only want to hire individuals who can boast job loyalty – in practice, employers are actually a lot more discerning in their needs.

Let’s face it: switching jobs frequently goes hand-in-hand with today’s dynamic job market. The modern workforce, especially in the UK, needs to be multi-skilled, multi-trained, more flexible than ever in terms of their work culture, and seasoned in how the gig economy works.

With all that in mind, the most professional employees out there at the moment aren’t necessarily the most ‘loyal’. The most professional employees are the ones who work hard to develop their skills constantly, and who show that they’re capable of meeting the ever-evolving demands of their modern employers. This is in contrast to employees who simply rest on their laurels and feel satisfied with doing the minimum for their workplace because they’ve embraced a (misguided) sense of loyalty.

As a recruitment agency, we’ve noticed an interesting shift in recent years; modern employers often value highly motivated, highly adaptable workers – much more than they value the arbitrary number of years that an individual puts on their CV for their previous jobs. (In some cases, employers even admit that they admire individuals who state that they want to rise in their career ladder or gain better salaries, as these are professionals who clearly know their own worth!)

Let’s take a look at some of the misconceptions about changing jobs regularly – and what the reality is:

Misconception 1: “Changing jobs regularly looks bad on a CV!”

Reality: This is a common piece of received wisdom that doesn’t actually reflect what employers look for when they’re handed a CV. Most employers don’t care as much about how many times you switched your job (unless it’s so frequent that it’s particularly glaring), they’ll more than likely just want to know the hows and the whys about your job changes.

If you’re able to boast that you developed your skills, rose to the challenge of working in diverse environments, and adapted to each workplace that you found yourself in – chances are that they’ll look positively on you no matter if you change jobs regularly.

Misconception 2: “Changing jobs regularly shows that you find it hard to build relationships with your colleagues!”

Reality: When professional workers switch up their jobs, most of the time this shows that they’re very secure in what they want from their career. They won’t settle for less (both for themselves and their current employers) and they won’t find themselves falling into career plateaus which could cause them to stagnate or become bad at their jobs.

Professionals who have this mindset often have very strong relationships with their colleagues, even those who are more senior than them. Not only that, but workers who switch jobs frequently often build up excellent professional networks, which is always useful in career advancement (just ask any journalist or anyone who has ever worked in marketing!)

Misconception 3: “Changing jobs regularly means you start from square one and limit your career advancement!”

Reality: Normally, the exact opposite is the case. Workers who are prepared to switch up their roles can often earn higher salaries or leverage better job offers – as long as they’re smart about it.

On top of this, moving to a new job doesn’t always mean starting at square one, especially if you move to a role which better aligns with your current skills and interests. Oftentimes, workers who are prepared to take the risk and switch up to go after what they want are the ones who end up with the most fulfilling careers.

Conclusion: The cons of switching positions regularly are well noted – but there are many positives to going after what you want in your career

We probably don’t need to overemphasise the downsides of constant job-hopping, as you’ll likely have heard them many times before.

But it’s important to stress the fact that switching your job frequently isn’t always a bad thing – especially if you’re a skilled worker hoping to truly advance in your career and help your employers while doing so.

If you know your worth and are prepared to go after career fulfilment, then changing jobs regularly certainly isn’t the ‘red flag’ that it’s made out to be.

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