A Clean Bill of (Mental) Health: Why We Need to Prioritise Mental Health Issues in High-Stress Industries like Construction and Engineering

May 13, 2024

This week it’s Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK and the construction, logistics and engineering industries are widely considered some of the most demanding and high-pressured environments to work in. And yet, when it comes to these industries, mental health issues are often overlooked, or – worse – they’re dismissed as simply a natural result of working certain jobs.

In this article, we want to show why it’s worth reasserting the importance of mental health across all job industries – and highlight how those working in construction and engineering can keep their minds in top shape.

At MDH Recruitment, we work with employees, employers, and recruiters from right across the country, meaning we know a lot about how businesses in various industries work to value the mental health of their employees.

Those who work in construction and engineering might not always appreciate how important it is to consider the impacts of their jobs. However, we believe it is absolutely crucial to do so, especially considering that the work in these industries can often be overwhelming – with tight deadlines, long hours, and high-pressure (or even dangerous) workplace situations.

Here’s why you need to be taking care of your mind – and what you should do if you feel like you need a new job role:

Why do I need to focus on my mental health if I work in Construction or Engineering?

Let’s start with a refresher on why focusing on mental health is important for all employees – but particularly for those within the construction and engineering industries.

Construction, engineering, and similar jobs within these fields come with a lot of stress, due to the constant pressure on workers within this industry to: work fast, meet deadlines, and make big, impactful decisions instantaneously. This is all before mentioning the obvious physical demands of many jobs within this industry – and the toll this takes on the body and the mind.

Often, there is a culture that workers within these industries should simply toughen up and avoid focusing on mental health. Not only is this a flawed, dated attitude to take, but it can actually contribute to serious issues like sickness, anxiety and burnout (meaning a ‘tough’ worker who avoids focusing on their mental health will usually find themselves negatively impacted down the line anyway…)

Got it. So what can I do to prioritise my own?

No one person is an island – and solving mental health issues can’t be done alone. If changes are going to be implemented, the issue needs to be taken seriously by employees, employers, and within whole industries.

It should be noted that there isn’t one overriding solution when it comes to focusing on mental health and alleviating those issues. For certain businesses, mental health support might include the facilitation of self-care practices – like mindfulness classes or relaxation techniques – while for other businesses, it might include on-site professional support within workplaces.

For workers or employers who want to learn more, the good news is that there are many mental health services available for those in the UK. These services can provide support, counselling, and resources to help individuals cope with the challenges of their job. Therapy sessions, support groups, and dedicated helplines are all waiting to guide those who want to do more to improve their mental health.

What should I do if I want to find a new job which will prioritise my mental health?

When workers start considering their mental health, they’re often able to make better-informed decisions about what they actually value from their jobs.

If you are searching for a new role within the construction and engineering industry, MDH Recruitment might be able to help you with what you need.

MDH Recruitment is a specialist recruitment agency in Glasgow, Scotland, specialising in engineering, construction, logistics, and other high-stress industries. We understand the unique challenges that come with working in these industries, meaning we can consult with clients on how to find a job that supports you.

Conclusion: Look after yours and it will look after you

Focusing on mental health in industries like construction and engineering is essential for maintaining the well-being and productivity of both an individual and a business as a whole.

It is crucial to prioritise self-care, seek professional help when needed, and take advantage of the services available in whatever job or industry you’re in.

And if you’re unhappy with your current role, MDH Recruitment offers itself as a valuable resource for those in high-stress industries to find the job that’s perfect for them.

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