Remote Control: Why There Are More Possibilities Than Ever For Remote Work in Fields Like Engineering and Logistics

May 20, 2024

Remote work and flexible working arrangements have taken off in recent years and MDH Recruitment looks forward to welcoming clients who wish to offer remote/flexible working.

The working world has come a long way in the past five years, with a global pandemic and innovative technology showing how to be flexible about when and where to do our work. And while many had thought of Engineering, Warehousing, and Logistics jobs as impossible to align with aspects of remote working, this has turned out to be very far from the case. At MDH Recruitment, we’re discovering that there are more possibilities than ever for savvy workers and companies who value freedom.

If the recent pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we can afford to be more innovative when it comes to where and when we do our important work.

At MDH Recruitment, we’ve been able to gauge their effectiveness for a wide range of industries, and the results have often been surprisingly positive. In fields like Logistics, Warehousing, and Engineering, companies are adapting to new models that allow their employees to work from anywhere—including home. In turn, skilled workers are beginning to value the independent responsibility and flexibility they’re being given in their jobs. These attributes allow them to carry out their tasks effectively while also juggling other aspects of their non-working lives.

With more and more companies and prospective employees turning to us to learn more about how remote working can help them hire the right workers for the right roles, we thought it was worth covering some of the possibilities for remote working in fields like Engineering and Logistics:

Why is remote working now on the cards for Engineering and Logistics jobs?

Let’s face it. When you picture the type of jobs you might encounter within the Logistics, Warehousing, and Engineering industries, you imagine clipboards, on-site computers, hardhats, and heavy machinery and equipment. These jobs are traditionally perceived as requiring employees to be physically present at a specific location at all times.

But in the modern day, things are a bit different. With advancements in technology and a global shift in attitudes towards work-life balance, many companies in these sectors are now keen to adapt to remote work and hybrid models to meet the needs of both their employees and their clients.

So, why is remote work effective for employees and companies within these industries?

At MDH Recruitment, one initial benefit that we’ve encountered is that remote work options in these industries attract a wider pool of candidates during the hiring process. By offering flexible working arrangements, companies are able to tap into talent from different geographical locations. (It should go without saying that this can be extremely beneficial in sectors such as Engineering, where specialised skills are in high demand.)

In addition, remote work can seriously improve employee satisfaction and retention. In our experience, employees greatly value flexibility and being given the option of independent responsibility. With flexible working arrangements (within reason, of course), companies can often create a more satisfying work environment. This can lead to better employee engagement, increased productivity, and reduced turnover rates.

Beyond this, remote work can also help major engineering and logistics companies streamline their overhead costs and allocate resources more effectively. Why wait for your star Logistics Project Manager to come into your company office when you could have them set up with a home office, thereby saving workspace, wait time, and costs—all in one go?

Furthermore, while many aspects of Engineering, Logistics, and Warehousing jobs can’t be done remotely, companies and employees are often surprised at how much they can.

In these industries, physical presence is obviously required for tasks such as inventory management and order fulfilment – meaning that companies need to find innovative ways to adapt to remote work models. However, our experience has taught us that by investing in technology solutions such as inventory tracking systems and remote monitoring tools, companies are able to ensure that operations run smoothly even when employees are working remotely. Similarly, in certain Engineering jobs where hands-on work is essential, companies have found plenty of ways to minimise and streamline this, often by facilitating communication and team working in remote settings (Eg. by virtual meetings and/or remote control technologies).

In almost all cases, hybrid working models have been extremely effective. They have also been relatively straightforward for businesses to introduce and adopt.

Conclusion: Remote Working Solutions Don’t Have to Feel so Remote

At MDH Recruitment, we’ve come to understand the opportunities and challenges of remote work in industries such as Logistics, Warehousing, and Engineering.

Our team of recruiters has experience helping companies navigate these changes and find the right talent to drive their business forward.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, get in touch with us today.

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